fredag 4 februari 2011

100 tons of DOMS

So. I did my 100 tons project. It took me 5 hours and 50 minutes and it brought me no happiness.
I followed a very simple program based on light deadlifts, squats or lunges, floor presses and snatches or rows. Everything done with kettlebells. Each "set" took approx. 5 minutes which gave me 5 minutes of rest in between. It took a lot shorter time than I thought. I had planned for 10 hours and hoped for less than 8 so less than 6 was great. All in all however it's not a workout that I recommend if you're no really set on proving something for yourself. The first hour was cool. The second was good. The third started to get to med and when I got to the fourth it was nothing but stubborn will that had med going. It's easy psyching yourself up for an hour or two but after a while all endorphines are gone and it's just about grinding it out. I have never ran for more man three hours but I have walked for a lot longer and that puts you in a sort of meditative dream state where tou can keep on going for ever. This doesn't happen when you lift. It is too much on/off/on/off. The last two hours were horrible. I felt no joy or power whatsoever.
The original idea of doing this came when we did a 16 tons workout dedicated to the Merle Travis song 16 tons. The song is about the life of a coal miner lifting 16 tons of coal. 100 tons is probably closer to the daily workload of a coal miner in the 19th century and I can tell you it sucked. It's just hard work. Nothing else. It might make you harder but it doesn't make you stronger. The soreness i have had in my legs since then is of Biblical proportions. Bending the knees has been a horror. The last few days I have rather left stuff that I have dropped on the floor than picked it up.
Once upon a time I really liked DOMS. It was a proof that I had done well in the gym. Getting older however has also made me wiser. There are more than one reason why DOMS should be avoided.
It stops you from training. Squatting, deadlifting, swinging or anything else making use of the legs has been out of question the last few days.
It makes you weaker. Even in movements that does not directly involve the legs I have been substantially weaker the last few days.
It makes you tired. Having constant pain in the largest muscles of the body spends a lot of energy and it effects your sleep.
It changes your movement patterns. If bending your knees are painful, walking is painful. And if walking is painful your whole movement pattern changes. Walking becomes much harder and delivers more impact on the knees.

So even though I do not even for a moment regret lifting 100 tons I will not do it again anytime soon.

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  1. Told you.
    Let me tell you a story. After I finished the high school and before entering the University, I've worked for 6 months at the local railroad cargo yard unloading pressed tobacco packs from wagons to trucks. Each pack weighed 25kg. 2000 packs by wagon, piled all the way to the ceiling. Rip a pack off the pile, run out of the wagon and into the truck, stack the pack tight in so it doesn't move while in transit to the plant, run back inside, rip another pack... A team of three, we were usually doing three wagons a day, sometimes four. It means 50 tons each. 5 days a week. Running with 25kg packs. Smiling, singing, joking. I was 17. No DOMS. And I was paid to do that.

    We're not 17 anymore. So, let's define our goals and stick with it. Amen.

  2. Well done my love. It's much more fun (and on more equal terms) to wresle you when you are disabled by muslce fever. Gives me a chance to finally get you on your back and tickle you 'till you throw up.

    Have I told you lately how I admire your quiet determination and your restless and playfull strive forwards?

    I love living next to you. Discussions on pirouettes and contemporary dance techniques, Joseph Conrad and Robert Musil, post-modernism, patriotism and heavy lifting. All before 10 am. I love being us!

  3. Gud. vad. sjukt. Jon. /Marie

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  5. intressant tycker Stina

  6. Marie: Är det din professionella åsikt?
    Stina: Tack.

  7. Hej darlings! Jag har sagt det förr och jag säger det igen. Respekt Jon!
    Pratade för längesen om min examensfilm jag gjorde när jag var skadad. Har nu tagit tummen ur och lagt upp den så ni kan se den om ni vill.

    Kram på er båda. har jag en dag över i barcelona den 10e så skulle jag tycka det vore grymt om ni har tid att kanske gå och äta kina mat å ta en öl på kvällen?