torsdag 30 december 2010

Burning rubber/ That's what I'll be doing!

It turns out that I have an inflamed biceps tendon so I'll be laying low with presses for a while. I Guess Kettlebell Muscle Program wasn't for me after all. But oooh how I be working the rubber! Rehab is always more fun when you get to buy something and how I love my new rubberbands. They come in happy colours and with a funny booklet of instructions. Listen to this:

- Do you exercising in a well ventilated room
- Attach long hair so as not to be hindered during exercising
- Do not let children or household pets play near the appliance when you are training (Fredrik, maybe you should keep that one in mind next time, and for the rest of you look at his latest vid.)
- Consult you doctor before undertaking the exercises (Or as Fredrik says: Ask your doctor if getting off your as is right for you)

I'm not so frustrated as I usually would be though. Am taking some well deserved rest, playing with photshop (see below) and planning for how to train the coming year and trying to come up with a way on how to achieve your goals without getting injured. Everybody seems to do it but me. What's the key? Sometimes I think my body wasn't made for training at all. But what do you do?

I'm thinking maybe one of the solutions is to set up long-term goal. Really long-term so that there's no need at all to rush things. Am following Jons example and am setting up goals for the whole year to come with #1 being staying whole. Will be getting back for the rest of them in the days to come.

Well, it's not the most intense workout I've ever undertaken. But it's kinda nice. I like it! And I've lost my rubberband virginity too!

Very important to stay focused and really isolate the...the...tounge?

By the way; you big lifter guys who spent your teenage years in on your back in the benchpress, or did one dumbell fly too many, you must have had the same problem at some point. Any advice on rehab? Or rather, any advice in general?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag tror att bänkpress skadar axlarna mer än biceps. Där är nog curlarna en större fara. Men du har ju sett mig, så du vet att jag inte har haft några problem med sådana övningar. Då hade jag haft muskler.

  2. Ja kanske, men det är ju inte som att jag har bicepscurlat så mycket på senaste tiden att jag fått inflammerad bicepssena. He he, men tänk vilka snygga biccar jag hade haft isf.

    Det är nog snarare så att långa bicepssenan har skavt fram och tillbaka över humerushuvudet när jag har kört en miljard pressar häromsistens.

    Och jag inbillar mig att samma ska händer när man bänkar eller iaf när man kör flyes. Därav vädjan till alla kroppsbyggare därute. He he.

    Men jag kan glädja dig med att Jon inte heller har några Arnold-pecs.